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U.K. Changes Law to Allow Almost-Pint Beers

LONDON - What's an Englishman to do when a pint seems just a tad too much?

Now the British government has an answer: Pubs will be able to sell what be might be called a near-pint in glasses holding about 400 milliliters — popular in some parts of Australia and known as a schooner.

Under a 1698 law, landlords can currently serve beer only as a pint — a pour of 568 milliliters — or a half or a third of that.

Science Minister David Willetts said Tuesday that rules governing the sale of alcohol would be relaxed in response to health concerns and requests from businesses.

Willetts says drinkers will also be able to buy servings of wine in a 75 milliliter glass. Lawmakers had raised health concerns over the sale of wine only in huge 250 milliliter goblets.

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