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Tyson Gets 60 More Days In Jail

Mike Tyson will have to serve an extra 60 days in jail in Maryland for violating terms of his Indiana probation for a 1992 rape conviction, according to court documents filed today.

The former heavyweight champion, however, will not have to return to Indiana for the jail time under an agreement reached Thursday with Marion County (Ind.) Prosecutor Scott Newman.

Tyson must serve the 60-day sentence for violating probation at the end of the one-year sentence he is serving in Montgomery County, Md., for a misdemeanor assault, according to the agreement.

Tyson will pay the state of Indiana $80 per day, or a total of $4,800, for the cost of his incarceration on the probation violation, and Indiana will reimburse Maryland authorities.

Under the agreement, Tyson admitted he violated terms of his probation. He also agreed to waive his right to appeal his no-contest plea and one-year sentence in Maryland.

After serving the additional 60 days, his record will show that his Indiana probation was terminated as unsatisfactory, the agreement said.

The agreement was signed by Newman, Tyson and the boxer's Indianapolis attorney, James Voyles, and was accepted today by Judge Patricia Gifford, who had sentenced Tyson after his 1992 conviction.

Tyson began serving his Maryland sentence Feb. 5. He had until Sunday to appeal his one-year sentence, which could be reduced for good behavior.

Tyson was on probation in Indiana for raping a beauty pageant contestant in an Indianapolis hotel room in 1991. He was released from prison in March 1995 after serving three years.

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