Type Faster with Swype 3 Keyboard App for Android

Entering big chunks of text on a phone or tablet is not my idea of a good time. Although tap-typing has come a long way since PalmPilot days, it's still a slow and error-prone process.

The Swype keyboard makes data entry quicker and more accurate. Instead of tapping onscreen keys, you drag your finger from one letter to the next, then lift it when you've spelled the word. There's a small learning curve, but in the end Swype is arguably the single best Android keyboard.

The software comes preloaded on many Android-powered devices, but not at all of them. Whether you have it already or not, you'll definitely want to check out Swype 3.0.

Currently in beta, the new version brings two major new features to the table: tap correction and a horizontal word-choice list. Check out both in action:

Another big change: Swype is now available for Honeycomb-powered Android tablets, and it lets you move the keyboard around the screen so you can place it wherever works best for the app you're using.

Swype 3 is free while it's in beta, and available to all Android users (not just those who already have a version of the app). Installation, registration, and setup are a bit of a hassle, but once they're done, they're done.

If you're not happy with the stock Android keyboard or you've found previous versions of Swype too cumbersome, I definitely recommend grabbing Swype 3.0.

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