Two Tips For Remote Presentations

Much to the purveyors of collaboration technology's chagrin, there's still no substitute for a face-to-face presentation - even their own research says so.

Here's the latest research from Adobe, the people who brought you the pdf:

  • 99 per cent of presenters believe their personality is integral to the success of the pitch.
  • One-third believe it is the most important factor.
  • 32 per cent of businesses have seen a reduction in number of face-to-face presentations.
  • Nearly 10 per cent already feel that they've lost business because they have been unable to present face-to-face.
According to senior director at Adobe EMEA, David Gingell, the challenge is to bring your presentation to life when it's viewed remotely. There are a couple of things he suggests focusing on to engage the presentee even when you can't be in front of them:
  • Focus on the content. Presenters tend to use the content of their presentation as a support to their act when they are face-to-face. When you can't be there to gee the content up, inject some of your personality into it, so that it is able to stand on its own. Make the information within it more comprehensive, as no-one will be there to explain what bullet points mean or to answer supplementary questions.
  • Make use of multimedia technology. Don't rely purely on PowerPoint, embed video or audio into your presentation. Make the presentation much more immersive and interactive to engage the viewer and help them internalise your message.
(Pic: HikingArtist cc2.0)