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Two Holes In One Better Than One!

Anyone who's ever picked up a golf club knows how hard it is to get a hole in one.

Well, last week, Kathie Grimsley got not only one, but two holes in one -- and in the same round, to boot!

She chatted with The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen Thursday from the course where she pulled it off, the Countryway Golf Club in Tampa, Fla.

Grimsley is a vice president of an insurance bond company in Tampa. She says she took up golfing about seven or eight years ago because it was a big sport among her colleagues. Often, they would take clients out golfing, so Kathie figured she'd better learn.

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Since then, she's been golfing with her husband, Ed, but made it clear to Chen she doesn't even think she's all that good. Grimsley laughed at herself, and said she doesn't play often enough to be good.

The day of her unreal feat, she wound up with a score of 87, which was good enough to beat Ed.

How did she do it? "Miracles of miracles, I guess. I have no idea," she admitted to Chen. "It was a beautiful day and we were just out enjoying the course and the day, and it just happened."

Grimsley was playing with Ed and two male friends and approached the par 3, 76-yard fourth hole. "It's over water," she explained, "so I really wasn't expecting to make it onto the green. I was expecting it to go right into the water, as usual. I hit the ball. Heard a loud sound and didn't know where it went to, and a guy started cheering and said it was a hole in one. And we walked over, and there it was."

On the par 3, 65-yard 16th hole, "The guys were telling me I needed to move up a little closer to the markers. So I moved up, teed up the ball and, as typical, I topped it. And it managed to roll all the way down, up on the green, and into the hole. Another miracle."

Grimsley tried her luck again Thursday, for The Early Show viewers, this time from the 10th hole. Her shot was fairly straight and true, but no hole in one.

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