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Two fun cases where music and the bizarre collide

(CBS News) Just how much do I love music? Well, I've gone so far as to create a weekly round-up here on The Feed. (And still end up posting more music during the week despite my best attempts!) And I've got two items for you right now that are both music-related, but with a fun twist of the bizarre thrown in for good measure. We start things off in the video above with a taxi driver creating an impromptu dance party Dublin. The booty-shaking starts at about 37 seconds into it.

The random moment was posted on YouTube by user keelan lynch. And I've just got to throw out that if I ever travel to Ireland and end up that particular cab, I'm just going to ask him to take me wherever it is he's going.(Because that's obviously where the party is happening!

Up next, if you play guitar, you probably know the major chords. And you likely know the minor ones, too. But do you happen to know the "Chewbacca chord"...? Find out just what that means in this very short, but funny, "Star Wars" tribute by YouTube user Ryan Albydamned below.

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