Two easy ways to send files to your Dropbox

Photo courtesy DROPitTOme

(MoneyWatch) Dropbox has become an indispensable tool for both the personal and business parts of our lives. Dropbox makes it easy to store files you can get to anywhere, as well as share files with others. There's another half of this equation, though: Wouldn't it be great if there was an easy way to let other people share files by uploading them directly to your Dropbox account?

There is. Actually, there are no less than two ways, and neither of them requires you to share your Dropbox password with strangers. If you collaborate via Dropbox, you'll want to adopt one -- or both -- of these tools.

Send to Dropbox. Send to Dropbox combines the convenience of cloud storage with the simplicity of email -- to upload a file to Dropbox, just send an email to it. Any file attachments automatically get uploaded. When you create your Send to Dropbox account, you get an email address that you can share; anyone can send files to your account with it. The service is free, but a $29/year Pro version lets you create a whitelist so not just anyone can send files to your account.

DROPitTOme. Another way to send files to Dropbox: Upload them from a Web page. That's what you get with DROPitTOme. Give colleagues the DropitTOme address, and they can use the Web page to upload files (though no single file can be larger than 75MB). Bonus: You can password-protect your uploads, and the service is completely free.

Photo courtesy DROPitTOme