Two cases of science made fun (with very different endings)

(CBS News) While we did a post on the subject just a bit ago, who can ever get enough of science? So let's take a look at two cases of science made cool, though with very different endings. Up first is a video by Mehdi Sadaghdarwho we introduced you to on The Feed last week with a lesson on "Electrostatic Discharge" and what not to do by putting himself in harm's way. Well, he's back with a lesson on "Capacitors" above (and what not to do, again)...

Honestly, our love of Mehdi Sadaghdar and his lessons in science safety knows no bounds at this point. He writes about this latest work:

Capacitors are some simple and harmless components, or are they?!

I'd say he successfully answered his own question with this hilarious demonstration. And we've highlighted Tim Rowett, a British collector of science-related toys, twice recently (here and here). So I figure why not go a third time with a demonstration that goes much better for him than our example above. Watch Tim demonstrate a "Gaussian Gun" in the fun and fascinating video below.