Probably the best lesson in "Electrostatic Discharge" ever made

(CBS News) In my humble opinion, there are a few ways to really learn a lesson. If the student already has a real passion and interest in the subject, learning tends to come pretty easy. But if they don't, having the lesson be fun or memorable in some way helps. Let's just say that I have a hunch you're going to remember the lesson on "Electrostatic Discharge" in the above video...

The poor guy really just can't seem to catch a break! The hilarious lesson was posted by YouTube user Mehdi Sadaghdar who writes about it:
Know what not to do when testing for ESD!
I get the feeling that the electricity inflicted on himself was probably intentional in order to reinforce the point. And for that, we here at The Feed would like to give Mehdi a big triple-rainbow salute of educational awesomeness for the pain he had to feel so we could all learn a valuable lesson!