TwitterSheep Reveals Clues About Your Twitter Flock

We're tickled that so many of you are now following Business Hacks on Twitter. Of course, we're also curious to know a little bit about you. Enter TwitterSheep, which creates a tag cloud based on the bios of Twitter followers.

Think of this as a quick and dirty marketing report. After entering your Twitter username and password (the site gives its word that it doesn't store the information), TwitterSheep generates a tag cloud like the one pictured here.

What's the value? Mostly, it helps you gain some insight into the kinds of people who follow you. In the case of Business Hacks, the most prominent keywords include business, technology, marketing, manager, and, interestingly, golf.

Obviously we're not going to morph into "Golf Hacks," but we're definitely more likely to run the occasional post that mentions the sport in some way. Because obviously that's what our flock likes.

What do you think? Does TwitterSheep lend valuable insight into Twitter followers' interests, or is it too random to be of any real use? [via Digital Inspiration]