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Twitter users taunt celebrities who said they'd leave the U.S.

Donald Trump’s supporters are asking celebrities who promised they’d leave the country when they’ll make good on their claims. 

Several Trump supporters gloated on Twitter of his victory and tweeted at stars like Lena Dunham, Bryan Cranston and Amy Schumer, asking when they’d be moving out of the U.S. 

Martin Shkreli, the maligned ex-pharmaceutical executive, offered to provide airfare to any celebrities who wanted to leave. 

Other conservatives taunted the stars with hand-wave and laughing emojis. 

Celebrities who said they’d leave the country also include Miley Cyrus, Samuel L. Jackson, Neve Campbell, Cher (who said she would even leave the planet), Ne-Yo, Barbra Streisand, Jon Stewart, Keegan-Michael Key and Chelsea Handler, who revealed that she already owned a house abroad. 

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