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Celebrities react to Donald Trump's win on Twitter

Celebrities expressed a range of emotions on social media after Donald Trump took the presidency early Wednesday, from happiness to despair to hopefulness. 

Stephen Baldwin, whose brother Alec played Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” congratulated Trump on his victory. 

Conservative actor James Woods asked Trump to unite the nation. 

Roseanne Barr tweeted, “S***!!! IT’S OVER! HE WON! PRAYERS ANSWERED! OMG! BREXIT! USA! THE PEOPLE HAVE ASSUMED POWER OVER THE OLIGARCHS! CONGRATULATIONS, AMERICANS!” She also tweeted an article with the headline saying the U.S. won along with Trump. 

Some celebrities who supported Clinton tweeted messages of hope and encouraged fans to unite. Lady Gaga changed her Twitter display name to “#CountryOfKindness.” 

Other Clinton-supporting stars expressed disbelief and devastation. 

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