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Twitter Indeed Surpasses New York Times

So, the proof is in. As we predicted last month, April was the month that Twitter grew bigger than The New York Times on the Web, according to A few observations:
I make these points because we stand at a moment in media history when anything, literally, could still happen. Twitter may be cool today and The Times is oh so yesterday, but history has a way of evening such trends out. Thus, from quite another perspective, these two companies could make beautiful partners.

The Times creates original content that some people love and others hate. The point is it is original and it provokes a reaction. That certainly is a valuable brand asset.

Twitter circulates news faster than a speeding bullet. Bad news, good news, any news travels at light-speed across Twitter.

Since neither company has yet to reach more than a miniscule portion of the people who are hungry for news, opinion, and connection, both face a similar challenge as to how to do so. Only one company is about interacting, and that, of course, is Twitter's huge advantage. It's got all the buzz. But there is a synergy here -- if the parties recognize it.

Now I'm feeling like a dating service, trying to introduce an unlikley couple to each other. Its awkward, but to be truthful, I actually think it could work...though not on the web. They gotta meet on a cellphone.

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