Twitter buys TweetDeck, what gives?


(CBS) - The acquisition cost microblogging site Twitter $40 million, but it was probably worth it. TweetDeck, a third-party application of Twitter (in addition to other social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Foursquare), allows users to send and receive tweets, and view profiles. Uh, how is that different than using plain, old Twitter, you ask? It's just cooler.

5 awesome uses for TweetDeck

"The deal makes complete sense as Twitter as a way to read and write tweets is a no-frills platform that loses many people once they get some experience and start to explore alternatives," said International Business Times. In fact, a recent report from Sysomos, a social media analytics company, found that 42 percent of tweets are made using non-official Twitter services and applications -- TweetDeck included.

Tweeters are going to TweetDeck because it's user-friendly, has fun features, and can consolidate all social media updates in one desktop window.

If you haven't started using TweetDeck yet, I bet we just convinced you to sign up.