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Turn Your iPhone Into a Pocket Recorder

italk.jpgSome of my friends still carry around a pocket voice recorder. What is this, 1992? Whether you're recording conversations, personal notes, or plot points for your screenplay, let your iPhone do the recording for you. (A second-gen iPod Touch works too, if you have a headset with integrated microphone.)

An iPhone app like Speakeasy [iTunes link] is just what the doctor ordered. It lets you record messages of any length and then save them for later reference. Oddly, you can even turn a recording into a ringtone. It's $1.99.

Too pricey? iDicto [iTunes link] is just 99 cents. The app records messages like Speakeasy, but throws in some useful extras. Need to send someone a recording? E-mail it directly from the iPhone. The interface even flips upside down for easy access to the speaker.

Can't even swing 99 cents? iTalk Recorder [iTunes link] doesn't have many frills -- it pretty much just records, pauses, and saves -- but it doesn't cost a penny. You will have to tolerate some banner ads, though.

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