Turn Any Wall Into a Dry-Erase Board

Last Updated Sep 29, 2009 11:39 AM EDT

Whiteboards, a.k.a. dry-erase boards, are undeniably handy for presentations, meetings, and other day-to-day business endeavors. Unfortunately, they're also expensive, difficult to mount, and hard on the decor.

Enter Markee Dry-Erase Paint, which turns any painted wall into a dry-erase board. How cool is that! See for yourself:

Now for the caveats. First, the product page reads like one long, awful infomercial. You have to scroll way, way down just to get to pricing and ordering information (which includes a "toll-free" number that is not, in fact, toll-free).

Second, at $97 per gallon, the Markee Paint ain't exactly cheap. Of course, given that a traditional 8-by-4-foot whiteboard will set you back around $500, it's all relative. Markee costs about 50 cents per square foot, according to the company.

Finally, you have to apply 8-10 coats of the paint before your wall will be scribble-ready. So this is not a one-afternoon project. Also, the company says Markee dries clear, but if you watch the above video, it clearly doesn't.

Even so, there's no denying the coolness factor and cost-effectiveness of using a wall as a whiteboard. Just think how impressed your boss/clients/kids will be!

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