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Turn a Web Page Into a PDF in 10 Seconds Flat

Free service Web2PDF quickly converts Web pages to PDFs. Just copy and paste the desired URL, click Convert to PDF, and presto: In seconds you've got a perfectly rendered PDF to view and/or save.

I can think of countless applications for this. For example, suppose you want to read some of those awesome BNET feature stories on the plane. Who needs in-flight Wi-Fi? Just "rip" the pages to PDF before you leave the gate, then read them offline at your leisure.

Similarly, use Web2PDF to archive important Web pages and documents. You might think bookmarking a site is just as good, but what if your Internet connection goes down? Or the site containing the material suddenly disappears? There's much to be said for keeping local copies of valuable Web pages, and Web2PDF makes that a cinch.

Want to use the service on the run? You don't have to visit the Web2PDF site; you can simply e-mail a URL to, and in short order you'll get back an e-mail with the PDF attached.

There's also a "Save page as PDF" button you can add to your Web site, so visitors can quickly and easily turn your page into a PDF. Neat stuff.

Web2PDF is fast, easy, and free. Bookmark it. Use it. Love it. I just discovered it, and I'm already doing all three.

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