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TSA to Restart Random Screening at Gates

Oh man, this one is just asking for trouble. You might remember right after 9/11 when secondary security screening was done at the gate. Well, it's baaaack.

The TSA has warned that the agency is letting the TSOs (Transportation Security Officers) out of their cages. They'll be loose on the concourse searching people at gates when and where they feel like it. At least they're limited to gates. I'd hate to be the guy standing in line at McDonald's who feels a latex glove slowly slipping down his legs.

Remember when this happened post 9/11? In the near aftermath, all secondary screening happened at the gate directly. I had my bags rifled through on several occasions. The good news? It was predictable. You knew that it was going to happen and as an airline, you could plan your boarding times appropriately.

But now it's going to be random. What if they just happen to decide to search your passengers as you're about to begin boarding on your flight? This could potentially delay boarding and cause departure delays. The first time that happens, there is going to be a lot of screaming, yelling, and potentially lawsuits. This could get ugly. Let's hope it doesn't.

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