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Trump calls "Fake Trump/Russia story" a "total scam" as investigations ramp up

President Donald Trump singled out NBC “Meet The Press” moderator Chuck Todd on Twitter Saturday morning, asking when “Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd” and NBC will stop covering the “fake Trump/Russia story.”

Mr. Trump fired off two tweets Saturday, first asking when Todd and NBC will stop covering any Russian government ties to the White House, then vilifying NBC as the same network that perpetuated the theory he had “no path to victory” before the election. Mr. Trump dubbed NBC’s coverage a “total scam.” Todd discussed Russia Friday on NBC’s “Nightly News.”

Todd wasted little time responding to Trump’s Twitter explosion. 

Mr. Trump didn’t stop tweeting criticisms of news outlets from there, saying the “failing New York Times finally” got something right and linking to a story about a lack of insurance companies under Obamacare. 

Mr. Trump’s tweets comes after a week filled with Russia developments, including reports that his former national security adviser Michael Flynn is seeking protection before offering testimony. In addition, a pair of White House officials have been accused of helping provide the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee with reports showing Mr. Trump and his associates were swept up in surveillance of foreign communications by American intelligence agencies. 

FBI Director James Comey confirmed two weeks ago that the FBI is investigating ties between Mr. Trump and the Russian government. CBS News learned Friday that the probe extends back earlier than previously reported, with investigators looking into connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee beginning in March 2016.

Mr. Trump has either criticized or ignored angles on the Russia story. On Friday, the president walked out of the Oval Office without signing planned executive orders on trade, dodging questions from CBS News’ chief White House correspondent Major Garrett about Flynn and any immunity offer. Pressure is building for Flynn to testify before Congress without immunity.

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