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Trop50, Last Piece of Arnell Redesign, Scrubbed by Tropicana

Tropicana axed most of the new design elements from its Trop50 package, the last surving part of Arnell Group's disastrous makeover of the Tropicana brand. Peter Arnell's shop was the center of a PR disaster when he recast Tropicana's cartons with a clean, modern look reliant on white space. Tropicana quickly reverted to its old look.

But the brand kept Arnell's look for Trop50, the low-cal, low sugar version of the juice.

Not any more. According to The Dieline, a design blog, the client has reverted most of Trop50's look back to the brand's original, common-sense version. Although the original, decades-old Tropicana look (below) was the product of a design firm, Sterling Brands, the passage of time has made it appear decidedly old-fashioned and undesigned. It's basically just the name of the product, on a box, with a photo of an orange underneath.

For those who feel that modern life has become a soulless, generic experience in which every object we encounter looks like an iPod, this counts as something of a victory.