$trike It Rich!

Selling Sex On The Web

Almost everyone dreams of that big break, of making millions. Be your own boss! Own a yacht! Invent a groundbreaking device that will help the world and make you a lot of money.

This week, CBS News 48 Hours takes a look at several people who have hit the big time, one way or another.

The broadcast marks the first network news program presented in high definition television (HDTV), the new format that gives viewers with HDTVs a crisper, sharper and more colorful picture.

48 Hours
$trike It Rich

Cybersex Sells:: Meet two online entrepreneurs who are making loads of money from the unbridled lust of Web surfers.
A Designing Woman: Buxom beauty Shoshanna Lonstein first gained fame as Jerry Seinfeld's teenage girlfriend. Now she is making her mark, and a lot of money, as a clothing designer.
Grandma's Goo: Sculptor and inventor Patricia Billings, 72, may have come up with a revolutionary building material that is impervious to fire.

Tales From The Cryptographer: 17-year-old Sarah Flannery, who lives in a small Irish village, has a talent for math. She's so talented, in fact, that she's come up with a new cryptographic code that may change the way business is done on the Internet.

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