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"Tricking" adds a new level of difficulty to any sport

(CBS) - The above video has an athletic skill on display that seems a lot like gymnastics, but is faster and a whole lot more bouncy. It's called "tricking" and it's pretty amazing. Take a look.

The YouTube video shows Brandon McCuien (aka Lil B) demonstrating his prowess in the art and was posted by towlie2110 who writes:

Tricking is a synonym for Creative Movement, It is an eternal concept than can be applied to anything in motion. There are many types of tricking, BMX Tricks, Skateboard Tricks, Martial Arts Tricks, Juggling Tricks, Tech Deck Tricks, etc etc etc

Props go out to Brandon McCuien from all of us here at The Feed for his display of skill and finesse in tricking!  And if you'd like to check out more videos of tricking, you can click here to go to a YouTube page devoted to it.