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Trevor Bayne youngest to win Daytona 500

At 20 years old and one day, Trevor Bayne became the youngest Daytona 500 winner in history on Sunday.

On "The Early Show" Tuesday, Bayne said his win in the famous race hasn't sunk in yet.

"I don't think it ever will all the way," he said. "It really is just an awesome experience."

"I told everybody they might as well give up on trying to top that birthday present," he said. "This has been incredible so far. It was a win that I didn't expect to get. I knew we had a fast race car and I thought we could get a top 10, but to be able to hold everybody off at the end and coming across first, it's been incredible."

Co-anchor Erica Hill said, "You have plenty of support behind you and it's nice of to you take everybody off the hook about birthday presents in the future. You spend all this time on the track and there's been a lot of talk about the fact that they had to direct you into Victory Lane."

Bayne replied, "Yeah, that's not something I'm actually going around telling everybody, so thanks. But, no, it's really cool. I guess I should start plotting out my route to Victory Lane. I was kind of caught up in the moment, waving at the fans, but the crew members were cheering and I drove right past them for a second and had to back up. There was so much going through my mind, I just passed right by Victory Lane."

Bayne, who has a poster of Jeff Gordon in his room, said it was "crazy" to see his idols line up to congratulate him and his team.

"These are guys that I have pictures with when I was like 5 years old, and they're my childhood heroes," he said. "So to have them racing with me and then coming to Victory Lane to congratulate me, it's been a dream come true."

"Carl Edwards, I saw some of his some of his interviews and he's excited for me. And I think it's genuine. It's really cool to see that. Jeff Gordon kind of started all this ... when he decided to help me. I think his confidence kind of rubbed off on everyone else and we had a fast race car."

Hill said, "(It's) great stuff for the future of NASCAR to have you there."