Transcript: Rep. Anna Eshoo on "Face the Nation," September 23, 2018

Christine Blasey Ford's congresswoman: Ford "should be given the respect she deserves"

The following is a transcript of the interview with California Democratic Rep. Anna Eshoo that aired Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018, on "Face the Nation."

JOHN DICKERSON: Ford-- what did she tell you that would convince her doubters?

REPRESENTATIVE ANNA ESHOO: Well Dr. Ford called my district office and we met for quite a long while, for about an hour and a half and she told me her story. She -- my impression of her was that she was intelligent, she spoke softly. It was wrenching for her, I think, to tell the story because there's a reexperience when the story is told. She went into many details, and at the end of our conversation, I told her that I believed her and that it was important that she tell me if what she wished me to do with the information, if in fact she chose another path, and she did. She said she would -- she wanted me to take it to, you know, a diff -- down a different pathway. And of course with anonymity and privacy, that's paramount in sexual abuse allegations or cases, because the individuals are terrified. This is one -- one of the highest unreported crimes in our country. So she understood the risks and the consequences. And it was a week ago, today, that she came out publicly because the story was -- part of it was out, and I think that it took extraordinary courage for her to do that because, again, she understood the risks and consequences, not only for herself, but her family.

JOHN DICKERSON: Congresswoman we've -- last night heard from another person who Ford said was at the party, Leland Kaiser. She says she has no recollection of being at the party. That means everyone else, other than Dr. Ford, has said they either don't remember or deny that it happened.

REP. ESHOO: Well there are different remembrances to sexual abuse victims. And there was a third party in the room, my constituent alleges that, and yet that person, Mark Judge, is not being subpoenaed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and I think that-- that his testimony and questioning should be part of this, as well.

JOHN DICKERSON: He, of course, says it's-- it's not true. Let me ask you this question. You asked a series of questions of Dr. Ford when she came in to talk to you. What kind-- what did you want to know?

REP. ESHOO: Well as she told her story, I asked several questions, and I-- I don't want to go into the details of it because I promised her that privacy. That privacy is-- is paramount. But this is an intelligent woman. This is not a woman that is confused, mixed up. This is something that she has carried with her, just as so many victims do. So I think that as a witness she will speak clearly, share her story, and I think that the American people need to listen. There's been a lot of talking. We have to do a-- a listening both to Judge Kavanaugh and to my-- my constituent.

REP. ESHOO: I think that there's something else in this, too.

JOHN DICKERSON: Go ahead. Go ahead.

REP. ESHOO: Women share their secrets with each other. And women across the country are more than sensitive about this. So my constituent should be welcomed and given the respect that she deserves. And-- and I-- and I hope that that will be the case. And that her courage is appreciated as well.

JOHN DICKERSON: We have less than 20 seconds. I just-- very quickly, often in asking questions of a witness like this, it can sound like you're trying to besmirch them or doubting that this happens to women at all. In the last 15 seconds, what are your thoughts about that?

REP. ESHOO: Well if this is a- this is a crime, attempted rape is a crime. And yet the doubt when women come forward. That's why so many--


REP. ESHOO: -- Do not come forward because they don't think that they will be believed --

JOHN DICKERSON: -- Alright, congresswoman --

REP. ESHOO: They believe that it will hurt their- their career or their job opportunities.

JOHN DICKERSON: Alright, unfortunately we've run out of time. Thank you so much for being with us, congresswoman and we'll be back in a moment.