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Track Your Time with RescueTime

rescuetime.jpgEver wonder if you're really making the most of your time? RescueTime can help answer that question. This Web service tracks the time you spend using apps and visiting Web sites, then presents the results in spiffy-looking charts and graphs.

All you do is install a small program (available for Windows and Mac), then go about your business. Later, hit the RescueTime site and click the My Data tab to see your results. You can also add tags to sites and programs, which helps you get a more precise overview of how you're spending your time. Use tags like "work" and "waste of time," for instance, and you can quickly spot-check your productivity.

Beyond that, however, I'm still undecided as to RescueTime's practical value. It's a neat tool, and free, but I don't love the idea of any third-party service monitoring my activities (which is exactly what the utility does). What do you think? [via AppScout]

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