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Track Airfares in Your Web Browser with Yapta

yapta-firefox.jpgRemember Yapta, the site that helps you get a refund on airfare if the rate drops after you buy your tickets? There's a new Firefox-compatible version of the service's browser plug-in (previously Internet Explorer-only), which lets you "tag" flights you want to monitor. Here's how it works:

Yapta's Firefox add-on enables you to easily comparison shop for the best fares on airline websites. When conducting a search for flights on a Yapta-supported website, a sidebar notepad will intelligently open to display the My Trips list. Each flight you tag will be added to the sidebar notepad, and Yapta will begin tracking prices.
When that's done, Yapta will notify you via e-mail when prices drop. Then you can (potentially) get a credit or refund from the airline. Not a bad deal considering that it takes just a click or two to start monitoring. [via Lifehacker]
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