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Top States For Federal Contractor Funds

On they breakdown spending by the Federal Government in a variety of ways. One of the more interesting is awards by state. This shows over the last ten years total contract awards to each state.

For 2009 so far the Top Ten are:

  1. Virginia with $21.4 billion
  2. California with $18.4 billion
  3. Maryland with $8.8 billion
  4. Pennsylvania with $6.3 billion
  5. Connecticut with $6.1 billion
  6. South Carolina with $5.8 billion
  7. Missouri with $5.3 billion
  8. New York with $4.8 billion
  9. Massachusetts with $4.2 billion
  10. Florida with $3.9 billion
Because the government spends the funds incrementally as the contract awards are made the funding builds up over time rather then being all spent in one lump sum. Eventually the state totals will change and a different order will appear. For 2008 the list was slightly different:
  1. Virginia
  2. Texas
  3. California
  4. Maryland
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. Florid
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Missouri
  9. Illinois and
  10. Connecticut
The list at the end will be interesting as well for the amount of money being spent. Between the regular budget, the defense supplemental, TARP and Stimulus Funding there will be almost three trillion dollars spent in 2009. The 2010 budget will be more than that if Congress approves the total funding request by the Obama Administration.
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