Top Entrepreneur Videos of the Year

Last Updated Jan 7, 2011 6:03 PM EST

2010 was a big year for BNET: In addition to completely redesigning the website, we launched Business Owners, a brand new section on BNET aimed at helping you start and run better businesses. Here you'll find everything from the best business gadgets you need to the secrets of starting up a business in under a year. And lots in between. Speaking of which, have you seen our library of small business videos? In case you missed them, we've rounded up our favorites from the year.

1. Why Great Products Don't Need Marketing

So far, veteran entrepreneur John Scharffenberger has two huge successes to his name: the wine company Scharffenberger Cellars and Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, which he sold to Hershey 's in 2005. Now he's at it again, this time trying to take tofu gourmet. He explains in this video why he's never worried much about marketing and branding, and why you shouldn't either.

2. The Key to Recession Survival? Extreme Streamlining

A storefront? Who needs it. Inventory? That's so old school. Here's how one floral company got creative and slimmed down in the recession.

3. The Simple Reason Why Startups Fail

If you couldn't make it to San Francisco to attend FailCon, the conference dedicated to celebrating and learning from startup failures, here's one of the most useful tidbits from the day. Entrepreneur, author, and lecturer Steve Blank explains a simple fact that could save you years of failure.

4. Six Factors for Building Highly Unsuccessful Products

New York Times' technology columnist David Pogue identifies the biggest stumbling blocks to creating blockbuster products.

5. How We Found Opportunity in the Recession

FruitGuys founder Chris Mittelstaedt says he responded to the recession of 2001 the same way most entrepreneurs did -- "in sheer terror." By the time the Great Recession came around in 2008, he had a much better handle on how to use the down economy to grow.

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