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Top AIG Bonus Receivers Returning The Cash

Nine of the top 10 recipients of AIG bonuses have agreed to return the money in full, according to New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

In a conference call with reporters late Monday, Cuomo said that so far approximately $50 million has been retuned.

Cuomo said that his office has been working with AIG to asses the status of the $165 million in bonuses paid on March 15 – roughly half of which went to U.S. citizens. He said of the top 20 recipients, 15 had agreed to return the money.

The attorney general said he hopes to recoup $80 million back from Americans who received bonuses, but for people out of the country, which Cuomo has no jurisdiction over, there is no word yet on how much of that money will be returned.

Citing a "new era of corporate and individual responsibility," Cuomo said that the individuals who have agreed to return the bonuses have done the "right thing."

"It's what our country needs and demands," Cuomo said.

Cuomo said he had no interest in releasing the names of individuals who returned the money.

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