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Top 50 Cities for Job Hunters

With the latest employment numbers looking just terrible, a Help Wanted sign is a welcome sight, indeed. So perhaps the most recent jobs postings data from, an employment search web site, are more helpful than ever.

At the end of the first quarter San Jose ranked No. 1 in job postings per 1,000 people, according to's latest calculations. (Have a look at this nifty interactive jobs postings map.) If you live in the Washington, D.C. or Baltimore metro area, you're in a better job-hunting situation, too, as they came in second and third, respectively, by's reckoning.

With San Jose in the top spot, it seems clear that tech boom 2.0 is a key driver. Skim the listings and you'll see clear evidence of the Facebook Effect, with openings from engineer to receptionist. A close second is health care, which may explain some of the areas far from Silicon Valley, including Cleveland. And don't be discouraged if you have problems with both needles and HTML, the tech boom is spawning jobs for all sorts, including sales and customer support, and probably selling fast cars, free-trade coffee, and carbon fiber bikes to all the new millionaires.

As I wrote in a recent post, 14 States With The Most Job Growth, the places with the most private job creation over the last year happen to be located far and wide. The same applies to the top metro areas when it comes to help wanted ads. Things start to fall off pretty significantly once you look past the top 10 or 11 cities (Austin, Texas and Denver, respectively.) Have a look at this chart of the top 15 out of 50 cities for job postings, courtesy of

Be sure to check out the full list, too, where it stinks to be job hunting in Miami, at 49, and New Orleans, which came in dead last with just 29 job posts per 1,000 people.

Image courtesy of flickr user andjohan, CC 2.0
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