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Top 5 Reasons Obamacare is Bad for Business

At least one branch of the U.S. Congress has final got it right: Obamacare should be repealed as soon as possible. In fact, this abominable "health care reform" plan is so bad for business, it's incredible that any thinking businessperson can support it. Here are the top five reasons that this truly dreadful law should be repealed:

  • Reason #1: It will increase the number of sick and poor people who remain alive. From a business perspective, people who don't have money are dead-weight with no economic value, and sick people are just a drain on national productivity. The more poor, sick people who remain alive, the less productive we'll be as a nation, which means losing competitiveness to sensible countries where they just let poor people die quickly or, better yet, give them the good ol' "heave-ho" when they get sick. Obamacare is bad for business!
  • Reason #2: It reduces the deficit by $143 over the first ten years then reduces the deficit by $1.2 trillion dollars in the second ten years. That's horrible, horrible, horrible news for business, because most government money is channeled into big business, like the financial sector and the military industrial complex. Reducing the deficit means starving long-suffering American businesses (like investment banks and makers of $140 hammers) of the money they need to keep paying off members of congress, thereby ensuring healthy revenues and higher stock values. Obamacare is bad for business!
  • Reason #3: Starting in 2014, insurance companies cannot deny coverage to anyone with preexisting conditions. This is truly insane. Why would an insurance company want to cover somebody who has a preexisting condition??!??? That's nuts!! The best thing for the insurance business is for somebody healthy to pay full premiums for years, never get sick, and then keel over and die without needing any medical care. If sick people start getting insurance, it means less profit for insurance companies, which means they'll employ less people and the value of their stock will drop. Obamacare is bad for business!
  • Reason #4: People cannot be dropped from their health insurance because they become sick. This makes absolutely no sense at all!!!! The ideal situation for a health insurance firm is to have lots of people paying into it and nobody getting any medical coverage at all. Forcing insurance companies to actually pay for medical procedures means lower profits and lower stock prices in the insurance sector. Some CEOs might not even get a bonus, which will disincentivize them to increase shareholder wealth! Obamacare is bad for business!
  • Reason #5: It will force numerous marketing professionals out of work. As everyone knows, when you're offering a bait-and-switch product (like insurance that doesn't actually pay out when people get sick) you have to spend LOTS of money on marketing and public relations to cover up the dirt. If the government forces insurance companies to behave ethically, all those marketing professionals will be out of work and that means EVEN HIGHER UNEMPLOYMENT!!!! Gaaaah!!!! Obamacare is bad, bad, BAD for business!
I give you fair warning! If Obamacare remains on the law books, we'll see hundreds, if not thousands, of key employees out of work: strategic marketers, advertising managers, public relations managers, and lobbyists, not to mention the assorted bag-men and hookers who grease the wheels of the legislative process.

Write your Congressman and Senators NOW! Tell them that you want the U.S. health insurance industry to remain strong! Repeal Obamacare now!!! The marketing job you save today might be your own tomorrow!


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