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Top 5 Internship Resume Mistakes

Resume for internship 2011Writing a winning resume is tricky enough when you have years of experience and plenty of accomplishments to convey. So it's understandable that interns who have little experience and less practice with the fine art of resume writing make mistakes trying to sell themselves on paper. James Kotecki, head of research at the Cypress Group and manager of their internship program, has seen them all.

Thankfully, Kotecki has shared his top five worst internship resume blunders in a recent post for CampusSplash. He wrote:

"High School is Over. Unless you cured cancer or negotiated some kind of cease-fire, nothing you did in high school is relevant. If I read that your greatest accomplishments came as Captain of the Babysitter's Club, I will laugh, cry, and burn your resume, not necessarily in that order. Focus on college, where a 3.5 GPA actually means something.
"Useless Padding. Speaking of irrelevant, I don't need to read about your work as T.G.I. Friday's busboy unless I'm a manager at Ruby Tuesdays. Which I'm not. You don't have to fill up a page with unrelated tasks just to prove to me that you've been busy. I know you've been busy. You're in college. Stick to the stuff that matters to me.

    To read Kotecki's other three tips, go here. Let other people's resume shame be your teacher and, hopefully, you can keep your resume out of the garbage can.

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