Top 5 Corporate Blunders that Cripple Sales Efforts

Last Updated Jul 30, 2010 1:45 PM EDT

Selling complex B2B solutions is a team effort.  If you' going to cut the big deals -- the kind of partnerships that involve big money -- you'll need to get everyone in the company to push to make it happen.

Unfortunately, many companies have problems getting the operational groups -- the non-sales guys -- to work closely with the sales team to close business.  Engineers want to do engineering; manufacturing wants to hit their targets, support groups want to keep their stats low, and so forth.

This post describes the 5 most common ways that companies fail to work together when it comes to making big ticket sales.  It identifies the culprits, why they act so foolishly, and (more importantly) what needs to happen to fix the problem.

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The above is based upon a conversation with Sharon Daniels, CEO of the sales training firm Achieve Global.