Top 10 most expensive homes in America

(MoneyWatch) What is the most expensive home in America worth?

A whopping $190 million -- far and away the most expensive piece of real estate put on the open market in recent history.

Dubbed, quite innocuously, Copper Beech Farms, this Greenwich, Conn., property blew the last most expensive home out of the water when it was listed in May. Its predecessor in the top ranking was the Crespi Hicks Estate in Dallas, listed at $135 million, which went up for sale in January and held the most expensive title for a brief three months.

There are a few others that top $100 million, at which point most list prices drop off to a meager $75 million. Some of those aren't even homes in the sense of a standalone structure and property that surrounds it -- they're posh Manhattan apartments. Here's a roundup of the most expensive homes in the country available for purchase -- that is, if you have millions and millions to spend.

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