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Top 10 Cities for Single Men

This post was updated August 23, 2011.

See how this list compares to 2013's .

Ladies, think a good man is hard to find? Not in these towns, which according to research conducted by, represent the top ten cities for single men.

One of the premiere players in the rental housing industry, the company recently surveyed single men who lease their homes rather than own to try and uncover some common behavioral trends. Among the more interesting statistics:
  • 39 percent of single men rent, while 47 percent pay a mortgage and 14 percent are couch surfing with parents, friends or other family members. And those couch surfers definitely skew young - a staggering 46 percent of single adult men under age 25 live rent-free. (Hello, Mom?)
  • Conventional wisdom says housing costs should consume about 25 percent of your monthly budget. However, single men who don't live at home seem willing to pay much more for convenience and proximity to the office. Some 38 percent spend between 25 and 50 percent of their monthly income on rent, while 7 percent pay more than half.
  • Beware the mama's boy stereotype: while 87 percent of bachelors claim to clean their own apartments, another 5 percent call mom when the mess gets out of hand.
  • So now that we have some idea of the patterns of single male renters, what are the cities that these bachelors are most likely to call home? Surprisingly, Juneau, Alaska, is not on the list.

  1. Houston, TX - cites the urban locale's affordability and enticing first date options as the siren call for the unattached male. But it might make sense to actually buy a home. According to the latest report from the National Association of Realtors, the median price is just $161,500, with sales rising 17.3 percent from a year ago.
  • Chicago, IL - The Midwest's largest city offers single-friendly neighborhoods coupled with a low divorce rate. (Just in case anyone is looking to take the plunge.) When it comes to buying a home, there are plenty of choices, from $40,000 condos on the south side to north suburban foreclosures at $150,000+.
  • San Antonio, TX - If you're single and looking, notch another one for Texas! references a low cost of living, restaurants, and art galleries as among the features attractive to the bachelor. If you decide to make a more permanent move, the median home price in San Antonio is $148,700 and existing home sales are up 10 percent over last year.
  • New York, NY - Truly, the concrete jungle offers something for everyone. However, a warning to bachelorettes: single women outnumber single men by a million in the Big Apple, so competition is fierce. You might find some extra competition for homes as well. The New York/Northern New Jersey/Long Island median home price is $404,900, and existing home sales are up 10 percent from a year ago.
  • Miami, FL - Balmy weather, a thriving nightlife, and teeny weeny polka dot bikinis are sure to pull in eligible bachelors. Enough said. The Miami-Ft. Lauderdale median home price is $182,000, which is 12.3 percent below last year. So, prices are affordable. Sales, by the way, are rising. So find your hot condo while there are plenty of them for sale.
  • Los Angeles, CA - Singles of both sexes love Los Angeles: Sunny days and endless beaches create a perfect climate for playing the field, or a game of beach volleyball. When it comes to finding a place to live, there were about 37,200 single family homes and condos listed for sale in Los Angeles in August, with a median list price of $349,900, with a median sales price of $315,000 (as of February, 2011, according to the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation).
  • New Orleans, LA - The Big Easy has a unique culture and extreme affordability going for it. The Jazz Fest isn't bad and how about that football team? Single men seem to come for Mardi Gras; says they stay to look for a mate. Home prices are actually rising in New Orleans. The median home price in July was $165,400, which is up 1 percent from a year ago. The number of homes sold is up 6.2 percent as well.
  • Philadelphia, PA - Philly cheesesteak and a low divorce rate are among the drivers that pull in unattached men to the City of Brotherly Love. Home prices are falling in Philadelphia. The median home price in July was $228,100, which is down 4.3 percent from a year ago. The number of home sales is rising, however. Existing home sales are up 23.4 percent from a year ago.
  • Washington, DC - The lure of Capitol Hill's movers and shakers is a powerful intoxicant for the ambitious bachelor. But you've got to have a good job. The median home price is $350,900, which is down a tenth of one percent from a year ago. Home sales are up 6.7 percent - so something is moving inside the beltway, even if our elected leaders aren't.
  • Baltimore, MD - Affordability and proximity to the Capitol are both factors in attracting single men to this urban area. Not only is Baltimore a great place for single guys, it is also a good place to get a fair amount of house for the money. The median home price in Baltimore $237,800, down more than 10 percent from a year ago. But the secret must be getting out, because existing home sales are up nearly 17 percent from a year ago.
  • So what do you think ladies? Are you ready to move?
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