Top 10 Cities for High-End Job Seekers

Last Updated Sep 30, 2010 3:51 PM EDT

Unemployment news was not good last week, when initial claims for unemployment insurance rose to 500,000, the highest figure this year. While the United States is clearly not out of the woods yet, TheLadders is seeing growth in management positions in certain industries and locations.

Our company recently analyzed hiring activity to identify the regional markets that have the most job postings for each job seeker. We also zeroed in on which industries are driving hiring within each of those markets.

Here's our list, including the ratio of job seekers to jobs and the key industries behind it:

Top 10 Most Favorable Six Figure Hiring Markets (among the Top 20 DMAs)

--Active Job Seekers to Jobs Ratio--

Rank Industries Showing Most Demand
1 ) Washington, DC (2:1) IT, Aerospace/Defense, Software
2 ) San Francisco (2:1) Software, Semiconductors, IT
3 ) Boston (3:1) Biotech/Pharma, Software, Financial Services
4 ) Seattle (3:1) Software, Retail, E-commerce
5 ) NYC (3:1) Financial Services, Sotfware, IT
6 ) San Diego (3:1) Software, Aerospace/Defense, IT
7 ) Philadelphia (5:1) Biotech/Pharma, Financial Services, Software
8 ) Minneapolis (5:1) Financial Services, Software, IT
9 ) Chicago (5:1) Financial Services, IT, Software
10 ) Houston (5:1) Energy (oil and gas), Engineering, Consulting
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