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Top 10 Almost-Too-Sexy TV Ads of 2010

Let's face it: many advertising firms (and the people who hire them) have one-track minds. To illustrate this, here are ten short video ads from 2010 that pushed the boundaries of what's acceptable to show on television.

IMHO, some products, like lingerie, lend themselves well to this kind of sales approach, but honestly, in some cases I can't see why the products are taking this approach.

Anyway, with no further ado, here are the ten "sexiest" TV ads of 2010, and (as a bonus) 2010's absolute worst attempt at a "sexy" TV ad. Finally, at the end of the post, there's a page where you can vote for your favorite.

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  • AD #1: CWS Toilets
    I always wondered how those model types stayed so thin. Seriously, though, is this really the best way to show off a sanitation product?

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    AD #2: Korean Air
    Apparent this airline is going for the "sex tourism" demographic. Since such activity is a fairly big problem in some of the countries mentioned in the ad, I'm not sure how compelling a message this is.

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    AD #3: Motorola
    There's nothing like promoting "sexting" to make your smartphone popular, apparently. Seriously, though, I think ads like this are a bad idea, because sexting is a great way for young people to ruin their future.

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    AD #4: Reebok
    After all, it's a lot easier to wear shoes than to eat less and work out. How does this stuff get by truth in advertising laws? Note: my wife ROFL when she saw this ad. Her comment: "Yeah, right!"

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    AD #5: Beck's Beer
    Beer commercials are famously chockablock with feminine charm, which is ironic because, let's face it, drinking beer is not exactly health food.

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    AD #6: Victoria's Secret
    Personally, I liked the VS ad from a few years back that had Bob Dylan in it... if only because he looked vaguely terrified. I could really empathize with that, because (seriously) I find this ad kinda scary. I swear, the VS models almost seem like they're aliens from another planet, rather than human women.

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    AD #7: Saber Drinks
    This one is kinda cheating, because it's a demo commercial for a advertising designer. Still, there's no question that it would appeal to certain class of consumer.

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    AD #8: Carl's Jr.
    Am I the only one who thinks that Kim Kardashian is more likely to order a Double Whopper than a Salad?

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    AD #9: Beyonce Heat
    This ad is actually pretty artistic as these things go. And because men are often the purchasers of perfume (for girlfriends and wives), it makes sense to take this approach.

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    AD #10: Levis
    Another downside to consumer electronics. Or as Mae West might have said: "Is that an iPod in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"

    BONUS: Click to see the WORST TV ad »

    WORST AD OF 2010: EAA Semi Auto Handgun
    Probably the best thing about this video is that it creates a media career path for Sarah Palin if she loses the 2012 election. You go, girl!

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