Top 10 Almost-Too-Sexy Beer Ads

Last Updated Sep 4, 2009 4:30 PM EDT

Beer commercials are famous for using sex to sell the product. And that's extremely odd, considering it's a product that universally makes men less attractive to women. However, since Sales Machine's Friday Video posts often examine different kinds of video marketing, I'd be remiss if I didn't spend at least one post on this particular "art form."

So I spent most of this morning looking at dozens of beer ads. (Nice work if you can get it... I suppose...) I discovered there were a lot of them that were simply too crude to post on BNET. However, I did find ten that, while sexy, didn't seem to cross that line. Because this is a bit of an edgy topic, I added a poll to each video, so you can vote on whether the video in questions crossed the line or not.

As an aside on the subject of beer, the most productive business meeting that I ever attended on regular basis were the "Quality Assurance" meetings at Honeywell. They were held in the back room of local Mexican restaurant and involved many pitchers of beer. More productive work got done there -- in terms of real communication about what was important -- than any dozen meetings in the conference room.

Anyway, here goes...

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