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Dental visit deaths spark push for political action

SAN RAMON, Calif. -- A bill making its way through California's legislature would require dentists to inform parents about the dangers of anesthesia in the wake of a toddler's death after a procedure at a San Francisco Bay Area dentist's office, CBS station KPIX-TV reports.

Three-year-old Marvelena Rady's parents never imagined their daughter's visit to the dentist over the weekend would turn fatal.

Marvelena had a root canal and was given anesthesia, but she never woke up.

It's been a little over a year since Tim Sears' son Caleb died during a dental procedure. He went to an oral surgeon to have a tooth pulled. The surgeon recommended general anesthesia, but Caleb stopped breathing during the procedure.

Now Caleb's parents are channeling their grief into political action, fighting to pass a law to make sure parents are informed about the risks and their rights when it comes to anesthesia and dentistry.

They have teamed up with East Bay Assemblyman Tony Thurmond.

The law would require dentists to inform parents about the dangers of anesthesia.

Marvelena's exact cause of death is still being investigated. Her dentist, Dr. Cheri Dang from Dentalbliss, did have a license to perform anesthesia.

The California Dental Association says the licensing process is in-depth and extensive, but in this case the dentist was doing two jobs.

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