I was honored to give the commencement speech Friday at the University of Utah. It's a great school and it was a great day as graduation days always are, and the 6,000 graduates and their parents couldn't have been nicer.

The grads applauded in all the right places and their parents laughed when I warned them to continue to stay on good terms with their kids who - after all - would be the ones who choose the nursing homes.

But if there had been a commencement speech contest in Utah last week I wouldn't have stood a chance. The winner - hands down - would have been a Utah businessman named Jon Huntsman who spoke down the road at Weber State University.

Huntsman didn't take long to say his piece. He came to the podium, told the students, "No exercise is better for the human heart than reaching down to lift up another," then announced he was giving the school one million dollars for scholarshipsÂ…and sat down.

The message was - as they say - well received.

All I know about Mr. Huntsman is what people out there told me: that he's a good man whose given millions to fight cancer and help education, so I no idea what his next project will be.

But I'll bet you one thing: he's going to be the most sought after commencement speaker in history.