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Tired of "Liberal" Google and AOL? Michael Reagan Selling @Reagan E-Mail Addresses

Conservative talk radio host Michael Reagan, eldest son of former president Ronald Reagan, is selling e-mail addresses on his website with an appeal to conservatives to stop giving their money to companies he casts as tied to liberalism.

Writes Reagan: "People who believe in true Reagan Conservative Values are unwittingly supporting the Obama, Pelosi and Reid liberal agenda! What do I mean? Well, every time you use your email from companies like Google, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Apple and others, you are helping the liberals. These companies are, and will continue, to be huge supporters financially and with technology of those that are hurting our country."

"Is that where you want your money to go? I didn't so I changed things," he continues. "I came up with the very first conservative email service provider. You now can put your name next to the name of the Greatest Conservative of all, my father Ronald Reagan."

Reagan also pushes the message in the video above, where he claims that 90 percent of the money sent to Washington by the e-mail providers he mentions (which largely do not charge for an e-mail address) goes to politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Microsoft Corp., which owns Hotmail, has given 53 percent of its campaign donations to Democrats since 1990, and 46 percent to Republicans. Time Warner (home of AOL) has given 72 percent to Democrats, while Google's PAC has given about $103,000 to Democrats and $72,000 to Republicans in the 2010 campaign cycle. (The company's employees give largely to Democrats.) e-mail addresses cost $34.95 per year (through tomorrow, after which prices go up). Reagan says those who purchase the e-mail addresses will also get a DVD of his father's famous 1987 "Tear Down This Wall" speech at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Proceeds from the sales "will help me promote true Reagan values to win back our country in November and in 2012," says Michael Reagan's website. In the video, he discusses how he is speaking around the world to get conservatives elected.

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