Tips for Managing a New Boss

Along with today's announcement that Bob Nardelli is taking the helm at Chrysler, came speculation from all corners about the extent and type of change he's likely to initiate. Meanwhile Nardelli himself assured at a press conference this morning that restructuring will just continue sailing along sedately as planned.

For the employees of Chrysler, it seems, the winds are blowing two ways. With the uncertainty regarding planned changes, the extremely difficult competitive environment for the company and industry in general, and the ongoing negotiations with the UAW, one has to assume this is a pretty nerve-wracking transition for many at Chrysler (especially if you stir in Nardelli's reputed "military style and culls of underperforming staff " at Home Depot).

If you find yourself in similarly choppy waters with a new and unfamiliar boss, you don't simply have to hunker down and hope for the best. BNET offers these tips on how to manage new management (for more detailed information, you can check out our popular crash course on the subject):

  1. Make "keeping the boss in the loop" a regular activity
  2. Create a core message for your boss
  3. Tap a vital resource: the boss's influencers
  4. Learn Everything you can about your bosses career
  5. Cultivate compatible personal interests
Or, if you are the new management, try our tips on managing change.