Cardinal Dolan: The renewal of spring

Timothy Cardinal Dolan on Easter
Timothy Cardinal Dolan on Easter 01:30

Happy Easter Sunday morning! Do we ever need a little Easter right this very moment, don't we?  

I've always been captivated on the "CBS Sunday Morning" show to see your logo at the beginning, of the sun rising.  And we celebrate today the sun rising, giving us the hope and confidence that every new day does.

But today for us Christians, we celebrate that the son, s-o-n, the only begotten son of God, our lord and savior Jesus Christ, has risen to new life, and invites us to share in that gift of resurrection.

To our Jewish neighbors, thank you for reminding us that God can bring liberation and hope and promise out of plagues, as He did for you during the Passover in Egypt. 

To those of you who might not have any faith at all, still let's rejoice in spring, as we see the new life as spring. The sun conquers the death and the chill of winter. 

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And to you and me who are Christians, let's thanks be to God that at a moment of trial – in our beloved communities, in our country, and indeed on this planet that we call our earthly home – in this moment of admitted darkness and trauma, we have the hope and the confidence of new life in the resurrection of the son of God. 

A blessed Easter everybody!  

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