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Tiger Woods: The $60 Million Dollar Man Of Shame

For all the spouses who have been cheated on in the world, let's give a round of applause to Elin Nordegren Woods, who may be able to translate her personal misery into a nice pay day.

According to The Daily Beast, Tiger is not only atoning for his sins, he's paying $5 million cash up front and potentially another $55 million over two years for them -- how about those greens fees! And if the shame payments are for real, then you have to think Tiger got off easy if he paid the mistress a paltry million bucks to get out of that sand trap.

As a wise woman once said, "money doesn't buy happiness, but it sure can make misery a little more comfortable. Go get 'em Elin!

Image by Flickr User quinn.anya, CC 2.0

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