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Tiger Woods' Contrived Contrition: Father's Voiceover Is Not About the Golfer

Nike (NKE)'s creepy Tiger Woods ad, which features the golfer's late father apparently lecturing his son on his womanizing, was widely regarded as emotionally manipulative, but did you know that the ad itself is a manipulation? The voiceover was taken from a recording of Earl Woods talking about his wife, not his son, according to ABC.

The ad elicited mostly negative responses from its audience, according to Ad Age. And a poll by HCD Research found that "favorability" for the Nike brand has dropped off since the commercial aired, from 92% to 79%. In terms of the ad itself, consumers had this reaction, according to HCD: Emotion: Percentage

  • Confusion: 44
  • Skepticism: 37
  • Sadness: 26
  • Disturbing: 25
  • Embarrassment: 13
  • Anger: 10
  • Inspiration: 9
  • Pride: 3
  • Happiness: 1
In the ad, Earl seems to be addressing his son when he asks, "did you learn anything?" But the tape was taken from a 2004 documentary about the Woods family, in which Early is actually talking about Tiger's mom, Kultida:
Authoritarian. Yea, 'Tida is very authoritative. She is very definitive. 'Yes' and 'No.' I am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. I want to find out what you're thinking was, I want to find out what your feelings are and did you learn anything? So, we were two different types but we co-existed very well.
On the one hand, you can say that the quote is still about how Earl approached life and that would include his son. On the other, it's yet another strange development in which the public is being asked to forget about real events in Woods' life in favor of a manufactured interpretation of those events -- such as his strange press conference from a few weeks back -- that plays out in the media.

Compare the two videos below: