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Three-month-old Mass. baby nearly hit by stray bullet

MARSHFIELD, Mass. - A three-month-old infant was asleep in his crib, when a stray bullet went through the baby's room early Sunday morning, reports CBS Boston.

A gunfight had occurred about an hour's drive south of Boston in a Marshfield apartment building and three gunshots rang out, neighbors told the station. The baby was showered with plaster, but was found safe.

According to the investigation, a fight started at a nearby restaurant and bar around 1 a.m. - with both parties still seen arguing as they left. A neighbor told CBS Boston what happened next:

"They just started beating up each other and then all of a sudden bullets started flying," Rosalie Santiago explained. "I saw somebody start shooting and then that's it. I kind of went the other way because I was standing on the deck and I didn't want to get hit."

The bullet was later found lodged in the wall above the infant's crib. Another had reportedly hit the wall near the third floor of the family's apartment building.

"Certainly we're very fortunate that no one was killed," Marshfield Police Chief Phillip Tavares told the station. "They were in bed sleeping and the round went through their walls."

One of the parties involved in the incident was a tenant in the same building as the baby's family, but they were not cooperating, police say. The other, 25-year-old Sean Curtis, was arrested for allegedly firing his 9 mm weapon during the fight.

The suspect is being held without bail pending a hearing on Wednesday.

Tavares reportedly called the incident "extremely disturbing, extremely reckless, and very troubling."

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