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This Week: Everyone Spoke Out

Late last week, country star Keith Urban announced that he was checking himself into rehab for alcohol abuse. With that, the husband of Nicole Kidman (for about four months now) unofficially set off a whirlwind of proclamations.

Madonna suddenly wanted to speak openly about her decision to adopt a 13-month-old boy from Malawi — remember when her reps were mum about her reasons for traveling to the impoverish country in the first place?

The pop star taped an interview with Oprah and in it she said (with an irritating faux-English accent) that David is "amazing" and that she was disappointed by the media's reaction to his adoption.

David's father seemed disappointed, too. Later in the week he said that he was worried all the hubbub might prompt Madonna to do something drastic.

"I am afraid Madonna may get angry and frustrated and decide to dump my son because of these people," Yohane Banda said. Madonna's publicist later released photos of the happy baby with his new parents.

2This week, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes publicly declared their wedding date to the world. The world responded by marking their calendars, Nov. 18 in Italy.

Cruise's rep, Paul Block, confirmed to The ShowBuzz Tuesday that Holmes will wear a dress designed by Giorgio Armani. Rumor has it that the affair will take place at George Clooney's abode on Lake Como.

Adding more fuel to the blazing McCartney divorce, Heather, Paul's estranged wife, did something about the tabloid stories which have dragged her name through the mud. She filed a lawsuit accusing two newspapers of "false, damaging and immensely upsetting" stories.

Following the very public announcement from "Grey's Anatomy" star T.R. Knight about his sexuality, his costar Isaiah Washington publicly apologized this week for the widely reported spat that took place while he was filming a scene with Patrick Dempsey a few weeks ago. People reported that an alleged homophobic slur was used during the argument, but that Knight wasn't present for it.

"I sincerely regret my actions and the unfortunate use of words during the recent incident on (the) set," the actor said in a statement to People magazine on Wednesday. "Both are beneath my own personal standards. ... I have nothing but respect for my co-workers ... and have apologized personally to everyone involved."

Lance Bass' boyfriend, Reichen Lehmkuhl, said this week that he's not going to hide despite threats he received in response to a memoir he wrote about being gay in the military.

"We have to be very protective," Lehmkuhl, a former Air Force captain, told "Inside Edition" in an interview.

Michael J. Fox returned to the spotlight this week to speak out about stem cell research. The actor, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, endorsed Missouri Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill in TV ad.

"As you might know, I care deeply about stem-cell research," the 45-year-old actor said in the ad, his limbs visibly shaking. "In Missouri you can elect Claire McCaskill, who shares my hope for cures."

Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh sparked much public discussion this week when he said on his radio show that Fox was "either off his medication or acting" when he appeared in the ad.

In an exclusive interview with Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News Thursday, Fox said he was actually overmedicated when he filmed the ad.

"The irony is that I was too medicated. I was dyskinesic," Fox said. "Because the thing about … being symptomatic is that it's not comfortable. No one wants to be symptomatic; it's like being hit with a hammer."

Fox told Couric that he was honored to speak with her, even though it's difficult with his worsening symptoms.

"Honestly, I mean, I really feel this: That you get in your life very few chances to make a difference. And I really feel privileged to do this, that I get a chance to do this. But having said that, it's not pretty. It's not pretty when it gets bad," he said. "I've learned to throw vanity out the window. I've had enough years of people thinking I was pretty and teenage girls hanging my picture on walls. I'm over that now."

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