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These internships lead to actual jobs

When you finish school, you want to have a job. The best way to get a job is to have an internship. But, not all internships are created equal. Not all industries are created equal, either. You're more likely to find a job, period, internship or not, if you've trained in certain areas.

So, if you're a college or high school student (or the parent of one), take into consideration some new research done by LinkedIn that can help show you where to land a job after your internship. Internships are extremely helpful in landing a job. For instance 61 percent of students who had internships have job offers by the end of their senior year, compared with 28 percent of students who skipped the internship.

For instance, there are lots of internships available in accounting and international relations, but you're far more likely to land a job in accounting than in international relations. According to LinkedIn's research, here's are some of their results. (Complete results can be found at LinkedIn.)

Jobs with lots of internships and lots of job offers:



Aviation and aerospace


Investment banking

Computer networking

Consumer goods

Jobs with few internships, but high percentage of job offers

Management consulting


Consumer electronics

Computer software

Civil engineering



Medical Devices

Jobs with many internships, but few job offers

Public relations

Museums and institutions

International affairs



Luxury goods and jewelry

Jobs with few internships and few job offers



Human resources

Education management


Leisure, travel and tourism

Hospital and health care

If you're on the fence when it comes to choosing a major and a career path, taking a look at what is available and what is likely to lead to a career with an actual paycheck, going over this list might help you out.

If you're scared to take an internship because you can't afford to work for free, keep in mind that if you're working for a for-profit company, they are most likely required to pay you. There are only a few instances when for-profit companies do not have to pay their interns. For instance, interns who do any work of value, or replace any regular staff, must be paid at least minimum wage.

Even if your internship doesn't lead directly to a job at the same company, it gives you valuable experience, contacts in the industry, and something to put on your resume. Well worth your time during your college years.

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