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TheKnot Sends Out Invitations For Hyperlocal Gatherings; 75 Microsites Unveiled

This story was written by David Kaplan.
As part of its continuing efforts to expand its social media offerings, weddings-related content website The Knot is creating 75 hyperlocal sites to attract small businesses as national advertising dries up, WSJ reports. The sites will have the name of the locality and end with "," as Ozarks Weddings and Orange Count Weddings.

Hyperlocalism isn't exactly a new thing for TheKnot. In print at least, it has long published 17 regional mags. Apart from building on that aspect of its business, TheKnot's strategy can also be seen as a way to organize some of the purchases it has made this past year, such as recent acquisitions WedSnap, developer of Weddingbook, a Facebook app, and the community site, as well as last year's local pregnancy guide, The Bump.

By David Kaplan

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