TheInterviewer: An Easy Way to Manage and Record Phone Conversations

I'm fresh off a half dozen telephone interviews this week alone, and I can tell you that they can be grueling affairs. Sometimes I use Google Voice to record phone calls, but it's not always convenient. For example, Google Voice will only record incoming calls, not calls I place myself. And certain kinds of calls -- especially ones for hiring interviews -- require me to locate and open notes before the scheduled time, which taxes my organizational abilities. I've found a new site that wants to simplify my phone interviews.

TheInterviewer is a service that lets you schedule calls, organize your notes, and even record the call for review or speech-to-text translation later. To use the service, grab an account and schedule a call. You can type free-form notes on the page and upload documents you might want to refer to during the call.

At the appointed time, visit TheInterviewer and click the link to start your call (the site promises to auto-start your scheduled call soon, but for now you need to do it yourself). The site calls the other party, asks him or her to wait, and then calls you. Then, with no further ado, you're connected and can start your conversation, with full access to any notes and attachments you set up earlier. The entire call is recorded.

When the call is over, the interview entry at TheInterviewer gives you consolidated access to your notes, the details of the call, and the audio which you can play back right from the page. It's also a snap to download the audio to your PC as an MP3.

TheInterviewer is a convenient way to organize all of your calls, though it will admittedly be far more useful when the service can initiate scheduled calls on its own. Accounts are free, and using the service doesn't cost anything, though the site does accept donations.

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